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How to Meditate


1. Set aside some time in your daily schedule as it’s best to meditate at least once a day.

2. Find a quiet place where it is easy to relax. Make sure it’s a place where there are few distractions (like the phone, TV or a barking dog). Only play music that is gentle and relaxing.

3. Pay attention to your posture and your body position. Sit on level ground (use a cushion if it helps) and keep your body straight, and your shoulders relaxed.

4. Focus on relaxing every part of your body. Work through each group of muscles in a systematic way.

5. Next, focus your attention on the way you’re breathing. Use this process as a tool to still your busy, chattering mind.  

6. Visualize a peaceful scene, such as lying in the sun, in a field of scented flowers, with a river flowing by.

6. Seek to quieten your mind so you’re thinking less and less. Try and reach the place where your mind in clear and open. Then simply bask in the stillness, until you feel refreshed.

Pranayama FTW

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A revolution without self knowledge is merely a modified continuation of the present state.

JIddu Khrisnamurti - Action and Relationship (via knowledgeappliedispower)

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I’m against marriage, period.


“People do not own each other in any manner.”

—Mystic Life, Spiritual Polyamory

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